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About Chthonic

Chthonic is a Taiwanese Heavy/Thrash Metal band that has over 10 years of industry presence. The band is renowned for infusing Western Metal and elements of local Taiwanese folklore, historical mythical stories and distinctive musical instruments such as the Urheen to create a truly unexpected fusion.
Chthonic have distributed albums across Taiwan, Japan, Europe, Americas, South East Asia and have regularly been invited to attend large international music festivals. Chthonic have made appearances worldwide in countries such as the United States (Ozzfest 2007), Japan (Loud Park 2010, Fuji Rock 2012) and United Kingdoms (Hammer Fest 2011).

About Chun-Mu International Ltd.

Founded in 2004 and formerly known as Imagination Studios, Chun-Mu came into fruition through joint efforts of multimedia veterans.
Coincidentally, Chun-Mu is a melting pot of creative designers, programmers and a healthy dose of metal-heads, which naturally lead to the discussion of a symbolic Taiwan-based metal game. Chthonic was no doubt the forefront of Taiwanese metal, and a formal proposal was brought forward to Chthonic in 2012 and thus this unique alliance was formed. After official approvals from Universal Music and Spinfarm Records, "Chthonic - Rhythm Crusher" was born and slated for release by January 2013.

CHTHONIC-Rhythm Crusher

Chthonic – Rhythm Crusher is the result of the alliance formed between Chun-Mu International Ltd. and Chthonic. The iOS based rhythm game harnesses the unique identity of Chthonic and the result is nothing sort of a sensory rollercoaster. The combination of a Heavy/Thrash Metal inspired visuals, 12 renowned tracks from Chthonic's repertoire and four unique gameplay and battle mechanics challenges the status quo of the rhythm game genre to date.
Chthonic – Rhythm Crusher is an all-round winner, with engaging solo play mechanics featuring 12 chapters and 12 of Chthonic's greatest hits. Furthermore, the game can be played with friends over Bluetooth, as the battle mode opens up a plethora of competitive options for everyone participating. Most notably are the numerous attack abilities and the devastating interference mechanics. Using special interference abilities, players can obscure opponents screen temporary, truly a crushing yet satisfying feeling when timed perfectly. Chthonic – Rhythm Crusher challenges the status quo of the rhythm game genre and pushes the envelope further than any of its predecessors.