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GameIntroduction of interface and functions How to play Attack Ability Stash

Introduction of interface and functions

Top left to right
Pause, Attack Abilities, Combo and Current Score are laid out across the top of the interface.

During gameplay, players can press this button to temporarily pause the game and will have the option to stop, replay or quit the current game and return to the main menu.

Attack Ability Slots and Combo Energy Level
Players can equip at maximum of 3 Attack Abilities in the Attack Ability Slots. Each inflicts varying degrees of interference to the opponent.

Combo Energy Level is accrued through consistent good play, and once the Combo Energy Level reaches the required cost of the Attack Ability, the corresponding slots will become active and the players will be able to use these abilities. There is also a flaming skull effect to indicate the activation of an Attack Ability.

The name of the current track and difficulty level can be seen across the bottom of the interface.

Difficulty Level