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How to play

As the Chain swipes across the screen, players are required to time and tap the Rhythm Icons to score. The tap is scored based on timing accuracy and each tap can yield different points and grades: Perfect, Good, Bad, and Miss. Extra combo points can also be accumulated if players consistently deliver accurate presses.

Rhythm Icons
Single tap Rhythm Icons:
Red and Green Rhythm Icons re- present single taps. The colors depict whether if the Chain is swiping up- wards or downwards towards the icon.

Long Press Rhythm Icons:
Rhythm Icons with a progress bar around the outer rim depict a "Long press". Players need keep this icon pressed until the progress bar fills up around the outer rim to score.

Movement Rhythm Icons:
Rhythm Icons with progressing links require players to "slide" to the next linked icon. Players will obtain points once the last Rhythm Icon is reached.

Upon completion of a track, the Score screen will appear and the player will be graded on his/her performance. The Score can be easily shared to Facebook or Twitter.