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Attack Ability

Attack Abilities are available during Battle Mode and when the Combo Energy Level is at Max. Players can expend Combo Energy Levels to use a combination of Attack Abilities.
For example, "力" (Power) Attack Ability require 50 Combo Energy, once the player accumulates 50 Combo Energy, the "力" (Power) Attack Ability will become active. Furthermore, if "怒" (Fury) Attack Ability (150 Combo Energy) is equipped in the second slot, the player will need to generate 200 Combo Energy to use, since the Combo Energy Level is required to surpass the original "力" (Power) Attack Ability. Attack Abilities are ordered left to right and different Attack Ability placement will affect the amount of Combo Energy needed. Once an Attack Ability is used, the player's Combo Energy Level will reset to 0, and will be required to finish activation of the Attack Ability during Attack Mode. This opens up tactical Attack Ability Slot placement and different play-styles.

Attack ModeOnce the player activates an Attack Ability, they will enter Attack Mode. Note that the game is not paused during Attack Mode.
In Attack Mode, the Attack Symbol will appear in the center of the screen. The attacking players need to complete the Movement Icon sequence to finish activating the attack.

If the Attack is successful, the opponent will receive the corresponding interference effect on their game screen. The interference drastically reduces the opponent's chance of successful combos and lowers their overall score. If the Attack Mode was unsuccessful, the engaging player will have missed an offensive opportunity and also wasted their Combo Energy Level on an unsuccessful attack.